All-in-One CatChip™ (25 Pack)

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For You | The All-in-One CatChip™ PLUS Lifetime Registration:
  ISO Certified Chip | Approved by the USDA and the FDA
  Kinder and gentler mini needle
  Lifetime Warranty
  Lifetime Pet Enrollment into our Buddy ID™ registry. ($26.95 MSRP)
•  Gift Card’ for pet owner that lets them register for FREE.
  Six peel-and-stick labels.
•  Custom Collar Tag with chip number.

For Pet Owners | Lifetime Membership in the Buddy ID™ Pet Registry:
  Wallet-sized Member Card for Buddy ID™
•  No (hidden) fees. No renewal fees.
  Free Mobile App for SearchAlerts™, Safe Places™, and PetText™.
•  Update info, store images, documents and more.
  Discount on Pet Insurance with Free Vet Calls.
  Direct Owner Link in the national AAHA Pet Lookup Tool.
  Live Customer Care from our experienced and trained staff!

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