CatChip™ (25 Pack)

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CatChip™ is a mini chip for cats and kittens. Tiny, easy to use, and customized for cats. Includes: free collar tag that doubles as a keychain fob (owners can always have the chip number handy.)

For You | The CatChip™ offers:
•  Lifetime Warranty.
  Kinder and gentler mini needle.
•  ISO Certified Chip | Approved by the USDA and the FDA.
  Six Labels and Sterile Packaging.
•  Cat friendly Registry Cards for owner.
Save 7% over retail when you register the chip in your Partner Hub.

For Pet Owners | Once the chip is registered:
  Lifetime Registration. No (hidden) fees. No renewal fees.
  Free Mobile App with SearchAlerts™, Safe Places™, and PetText™, Images and more.
  Direct Owner link in the AAHA Pet Lookup Tool.
•  Discount on Pet Insurance with Free Vet Calls.
  Live Customer Care from our experienced and trained staff!

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